WELCOME TO Michał Nitecki



Michał Nitecki is a talented composer and sound designer, specializing in creating music and sound effects for video games. With over fifteen years of experience in the music industry and five years in gamedev, Michał has collaborated with studios, creating soundtracks and music for games on various engines. His versatility spans a wide range of musical genres, from epic orchestration to modern electronic sounds, allowing him to perfectly tailor music to the unique needs of each production.

Michał began his career as a guitarist in a metal band, where he served as the lead guitarist. His passion for video games and sound technology led him to explore gamedev, where he quickly found his place also as a sound designer. Thanks to his creativity and technical understanding of sound, he can create immersive and realistic sound effects that significantly enhance the quality and depth of games.

In his free time, Michał creates music for independent projects such as clips and animations, continuing his mission to enrich the world with unforgettable sound experiences.